The Core Essence Of Prayers And Fasting


The Core Essence Of Prayers And Fasting

September 20, 2020 by Ps John Dikki
Passages:John 16:23-24, Isaiah 58:5, Matthew 6:6

Sermon Synopsis

What is the true essence of prayers and fasting? Join Pastor John Dikki as he teaches on this subject. Stay Blessed!

John 16:23–24

23 In that day you will ask nothing of me. Truly, truly, I say to you, whatever you ask of the Father in my name, he will give it to you. 24 Until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.

Isaiah 58:5

  Is such the fast that I choose,
    a day for a person to humble himself?
  Is it to bow down his head like a reed,
    and to spread sackcloth and ashes under him?
  Will you call this a fast,
    and a day acceptable to the LORD?

Matthew 6:6

But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

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